Spirit Work

BadlandsDrumming“High Priestess. Shamanic Practitioner. Spirit-worker. Earth Magician. Pagan Mystic.”
The more we seek titles, the less power they seem to contain. All I know is plants and animals speak wisdom, spirit-beings guide, and I am receptive to subtleties in people and places. I’ve sought training and understanding my whole life from indigenous ceremonies, to retreats and pilgrimages, to extensive apprenticeship programs with certificates of completion. However, I do not understand how a person is supposed to commodify their spirituality as this is not a business, but a service to the community; the community seen and unseen. It’s about honoring the place in Creation that all things have and regaining harmony when we have forgotten ours.

I have been called upon in the past to conduct private memorial services, to do a walk-through and blessing of homes, facilitate drum circles, card readings, and healing sessions*. People seek this kind of work when they are feeling out of sorts, drained, directionless, disempowered, “stuck,” to lift curses or bad luck. Sometimes there are energetic attachments to remove, behaviors to correct, old wounds to heal, or past lives to face. If you think this might resonate with your needs or those of someone you know, let’s connect.

*It is only ethical to disclose that I hold no formal degrees or certification in psychology or conventional medicine, and for our litigious society must include the disclaimer that any rituals in this vein “should be for entertainment purposes only.” Spirit-Hands does make available in office the contacts and information of conventional mental health care providers.

Since a close colleague and a longtime resident of the area remarked that smudging was heretofore untaught in the area, I accepted her encouragement and created what she calls the first smudging workshop in the area in order to share my passion and appreciation for this ancient, global tradition. This is a beginner/intermediate-friendly course of information, discussion and hands-on practice that comes with a complimentary starter kit, so participants can safely incorporate this simple yet powerful ritual into their daily lives. I schedule this workshop a couple times a year, although private small-group classes can be booked anytime.


The deck I use is a beautifully illustrated, benign set of animal cards of Celtic influence. Being pure, instinctual, unadulterated ambassadors of the natural world, animals’ priorities differ than that of human beings and this makes for readings unlike conventional Tarot or fortune telling. It isn’t about predicting the outcome of a job interview, or foretelling your love life; animal spirits consider this to be unimportant. They are focused on helping us to attune with our truest self and to guide us in living in harmony with the world. To help us do this, specific animals intentionally step forth in the card spread to bring their own medicine (spirit, personality traits, qualities, messages and lessons) to remind us of these qualities within ourselves. When cards come into the reading upside-down, this would indicate an imbalance of their essence (either too much or too little) and the influence this has on the questioner. My animal card readings are about getting real with yourself; obtaining personal insight, clarity of mind, and validation of emotions so that you can continue on your path with more certainty and peace.

When you request a reading, I’m going to inquire whether you have a specific concern in mind, or if you want a general reading like a spiritual checkup; I do this to determine what kind of spread to lay out. I don’t need specifics, since I’m going to meditate on the animals and simply blurt out what they come to say. Should you choose to share anything personal over the course of the reading, then be assured of safety and confidentiality.