Spirit Work

I work as a Shamanic Practitioner. My formal education came through the Plum Creek Center for Spiritual and Body Healing under the mentorship of Christine Fisher and Marge Banse, which entailed nearly one and a half years of direct/ in-person/ hands-on self application and apprenticeship experience. All this came at the apex of a decade of exploring the subject and a lifetime practice of paganism, and so my experience of the unseen world may vary from the conventional. Please note that this field is not energywork like Reiki, Healing Hands, Polarity Therapy, or such. Shamanism is the practice of a trained and initiated specialist willfully entering an alternate mental state (varying degrees of trance) to engage with and influence the unseen levels of human, plant, animal, and spirit worlds, in order to maintain health and harmony between all things therein.

Please understand Shamanism is not a religion. If a session incorporates religious elements for effect, this should not threaten but rather correlate with the recipient’s personal belief system. Furthermore, Spirit-Hands does not conduct work that involves human or animal affliction (i.e. blood sacrifice), nor the consumption of mind-altering substances such as pharmaceutical or recreational drugs, nor alcoholic beverages.

In one respect, people seek shamanic work when they are feeling out of sorts, drained, directionless, disempowered, to lift curses or bad luck. Sometimes there are energetic attachments to remove, or past lives come up. Other times a power animal is required. In another respect, I can facilitate sacred ceremonies such as memorials and drum circles, as well as cleansings and blessings of individuals, homes, land and projects. I can also provide Animal Counsel Card Readings.

Although this treatment (as any faith-based practice) can be applied in conjunction with, it is not a substitute for conventional medical or mental health care nor am I a medical physician or mental health specialist.

When an individual reserves a private session, they have the option of bringing up to two trusted loved ones for moral support. Oftentimes a client asks about preparations or whether to bring anything; I always maintain one should come with an open mind as what you think you need/want differs from what Spirit delivers. Although our initial consultation may inspire ideas for the kind of work to pursue, every session is guided by Spirit and will unfold in its own time and way.


As for card readings, the deck I use is a beautifully illustrated, benign set of animal cards of Celtic influence. Being pure, instinctual, unadulterated ambassadors of the natural world, animals’ priorities differ than that of human beings and this makes for readings unlike conventional Tarot or fortune telling. It isn’t about predicting the outcome of a job interview, or foretelling your love life; animal spirits consider this to be unimportant. They are focused on helping us to attune with our truest self and to guide us in living in harmony with the world. To help us do this, specific animals intentionally step forth in the card spread to bring their own medicine (spirit, personality traits, qualities, messages and lessons) to remind us of these qualities within ourselves. When cards come into the reading upside-down, this would indicate an imbalance of their essence (either too much or too little) and the influence this has on the questioner. My animal card readings are about getting real with yourself; obtaining personal insight, clarity of mind, and validation of emotions so that you can continue on your path with more certainty and peace.

When you request a reading, I’m going to inquire whether you have a specific concern in mind, or if you want a general reading like a spiritual checkup; I do this to determine what kind of spread to lay out. I don’t need specifics, since I’m going to meditate on the animals and simply blurt out what they come to say. Should you choose to share anything personal over the course of the reading, then be assured of safety and confidentiality.