Who I Am

  • Iowa Certified & Licensed, 2007
  • Raindrop Technique Workshop, 2007
  • Deep Tissue Massage: Safe & Effective Techniques for Common Problem Areas, 2010
  • Chakra Stone Massage Therapy, 2010
  • Massage & Migraines, 2011
  • Massage Techniques for the Foot & Leg, 2011
  • Massage & Fibromyalgia Syndrome, 2013
  • Massage & Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, 2013
  • Intro To Lymphatic Drainage Therapy, 2013
  • Massage Techniques for Fibromyalgia, 2014
  • Palpation & Assessment Techniques, 2015
  • PNF/MET Massage Techniques, 2015
  • Qi Gong & Tai Chi: Self Care for the Massage Therapist, 2017
  • Stress Management During Turbulent Times: Understanding, Treating & Managing Stress, 2017
  • Massage for the Hip, 2017
  • Conservative Management for Patients w/ Sacroiliac Joint Dysfunction, 2017
  • Massage Using the Forearm, 2018
  • Intense Study of the Fascia, 2019
  • Shamanic Apprenticeship Program Completion, 2019
  • TMJ Disorders, 2019
Christina L. Bell, LMT, in office.

Professionally, I’ve been certified and licensed to practice Therapeutic Massage and Bodywork in the state of Iowa since 2007. I’ve used this time to experience various modalities from teachers of differing approaches, but the same goal, and that is to deliver well-being to our clients safely and ethically. In addition, I’ve given public presentations on massage and essential oils in Garner and Mason City, as well as provided chair massages at private businesses and annual events such as the Iowa Farm Progress Show, high school post-prom parties, Clear Lake’s Thursdays on Main and Plymouth’s Applefest.

Personally, I’m involved in Mason City’s Crisis Intervention Service, the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention, and support Doctors Without Borders along with Water.org. I’ve also contributed my art and services to charitable events and participate in annual mud runs that raise funds for local communities, US veterans, and rescuing children from sex trafficking. And because real self defense can make all the difference, I’m a First Degree Black Belt with the ICHF through the newly renamed North Iowa Self Defense school in Mason City, and I encourage everyone to consider basic training.

I’ve walked the path of earth religions my entire life; the quest for authenticity in our postmodern capitalist system has proven to be an adventure. Originally from North Carolina, I’ve traveled from Cherokee land, and Creek pow-wows, to Lakota sweat lodges, and have experienced ceremonial medicine wheels, drum circles, and women’s retreats. Notwithstanding that, my heritage is Anglo-Saxon and have studied with Third Degree Wiccan High Priestesses and hold a candidate rank with the Ancient Order of Druids in America. For this past decade I’ve studied core shamanism and completed a formal apprenticeship under the direct tutelage of Christine Fisher, and Marge Banse at the private Plum Creek Center for Spiritual and Body Healing in Fredericksburg, Iowa. It is by all this that I urge the public to be mindful of fetishizing [any culture but more specifically] indiginous American cultures, commercializing spirituality, and narcissistic healers. May we all strive for integrity, accountability, and humility.
For peoples of the earth across space and time have recognized that an essence resides in all things and for this reason should be honored. Just as our bodies house conscious souls, so do the plants we eat, the animals we keep, and the rocks over which we step. We all have a spirit-consciousness and we all share an interconnectedness for we are all a part of the Sacred Dance of Life. By the simple merit of being alive, we are worthy of good things including peace, beauty, and healthfulness. Spirit-Hands is my endeavor to share this reverence with others.

I do not claim to be the end all, for the bowl I offer is but one amongst a banquet of medicine workers and there is much to share and partake of. If I claimed that mine was all you needed, then my bowl would prove to be very shallow indeed and you would find yourself scraping the bottom of it quite soon. But if you take some from my bowl and some from another’s, then we come to see how very much we have when we contribute as a community. And I am not too proud that I can’t enjoy having some from the bowl of others, for the sharing of sacred wisdom is how we learn and grow.